6th International Middleware Conference
November 28th -- December 2nd, Grenoble, France

3rd International Workshop on Middleware for Grid Computing (MGC05) Proceedings

Workshop Chairs Foreword

In order to control a broad base of resources, Grid Computing has a middleware layer controlling the allocation of resources and the distributed execution of applications. By exploring the possibility of a wider range of applications specially based on data grids and content networks, a larger diversity of resources and devices can be thought participating in a grid system.

The first MGC workshop held on June 2003, in conjunction with the Middleware Conference, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, MGC'2003, saw a variety of efforts in Middleware for Grid Computing. There were 16 technical presentations and discussions on several stimulating topics including, Classic Grids, Object Oriented technologies, Service-based Grids, Open grid Service Architecture, Agent Grid, Interactive Grid, Grid Economy / Scheduling, and Portlets. Following the workshop, extended and thoroughly revised versions of the papers were invited to a Special Issue of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Journal published in 2004.

The 2nd workshop in the MGC series brought together researches in the field of middleware for grid computing, addressing topics that emerged from 2003, and some novel ones such as, Strategies and Protocols for obtaining Quality of Services, Virtualization, Wireless Grids, Data Grid Middleware, Semantic Grid Middleware, Dependability and Fault Tolerance in Grid Middleware and Managing Information. This workshop received an unprecedented number of high-quality submissions. Fifteen full papers and nine posters were chosen for the workshop proceedings out of the forty-eight papers originally submitted. The presenters highlighted issues and solutions in one or more of the themes identified for the workshop. Following the second workshop, thoroughly revised selected papers were invited to a Special Issue of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Journal to appear in 2005/2006.

MGC'2003 and MGC'2004, generated substantial interest in the community and it is expected that this interest will continue. Far from exhausting the topics of interest, they have paved the way for a third edition of the workshop in the series. For MGC 2005 workshop, researchers from the various GRID middleware communities were encouraged to submit and present original work to be considered for publication.
The goal of the third edition of the MGC workshop is to bring together researches in the field of middleware, addressing large-scale and real world problems in grid environments, including the most interesting and stimulating topics emerged last year, and some novel ones as Strategies and Protocols for obtaining Quality of Services, Virtualization, Wireless Grids, Data Grid Middleware, Semantic Grid Middleware, Dependability and Fault Tolerance in Grid Middleware and Managing Information.
The third workshop received a good number of high-quality submissions and sixteen papers were selected for these proceedings out of the thirty-eight originally submitted. Additionally 4 posters have been invited. The presenters highlight issues and solutions in one or more of the themes identified for the workshop.

As full papers there were contributions on Dependability and Fault Tolerance in Grid Middleware by Camargo, Cerqueira and Kon, presenting strategies for storage of checkpointing data using non-dedicated repositories on grid systems. On Service Discovery there was a contribution by Banerjee et al., exploring scalable grid service discovery based on UDDI. On Portals there was a paper by Akram, Chohan and Allan. Addressing Peer to Peer Protocols in Grid Computing there were papers by Amoretti, Zanichelli and Conte, Lima et al., and Santos et al. They present a service-oriented framework for P2P-based grids, a peer-to-peer resource discovery in mobile grids, and an accurate autonomous accounting in peer-to-peer grids. Exploring different topics and common issues related to Programming Models and Tools in Grid Middleware by Goldchleger, Godlman and Hayashida, Paventhan and Takeda, and Rodriguez, Milanes and Schulze. They focus on a BSP parallel computing model implementation, on a mutli-language CoG toolkit, and on managing jobs with an interpreted language for dynamic adaptation. Addressing aspects on Agent-based Approaches and Grid Application Frameworks there were papers by Joita et al., d'Orazio et al., and Desertot, Escoffier and Donsez. They explore an application deployment using grid middleware, the building of adaptable cache services, and autonomic management of J2EE edge servers. On Resource Management and Scheduling there were papers by Yarmolenko and Sakellariou, Vargas et al., and Boeres et al. They discuss aspects on the flexibility of WS-agreement for job submission, on a hierarchical submission in a grid environment, and on hierarchical self-scheduling for MPI applications executing in computational grids.

Additionally there were poster contributions by Lima et al., and Yamin et al. on Programming Models and Tools in Grid Middleware, focusing on a framework for building customized grid environments and a middleware to support pervasive grid applications. Pathak, and Bittencourt et al. present posters on commons issues on Resource Management and Scheduling, focusing on dynamic resource management on the grid and a path clustering heuristic for scheduling task graphs onto a grid.

We would like to thank the authors and the participants for presenting their work and contributions on research in middleware for grid computing. Additionally we would like to thank all the reviewers for providing constructive reviews and specially thank all members of the program committee for helping to shape the workshop program.

Bruno Schulze,
Distributed Scientific Computing Group, National Lab for Scientific Computing LNCC, Brazil

Peter Henderson,
Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute, University of Southampton, UK

Radha Nandkumar,
National Center for Supercomputing Applications NCSA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign UIUC, USA

Program Committee
Additional reviewers :

Accepted Papers

Strategies for Storage of Checkpointing Data Using Non-dedicated Repositories on Grid Systems
Raphael Camargo, Renato Cerqueira, Fabio Kon

Scalable Grid Service Discovery Based on UDDI
Sujata Banerjee, Sujoy Basu, Shishir Garg, Sukesh Garg, Sung-ju Lee, Pramila Mullan, Puneet Sharma

Building Adaptable Cache Services
Laurent d'Orazio, Fabrice Jouanot, Cyril Labbé, Claudia Roncancio

Autonomic Management of J2EE Edge Servers
Mikael Desertot, Clement Escoffier, Didier Donsez

The Implementation of the BSP Parallel Computing Model on the InteGrade Grid Middleware
Andrei Goldchleger, Alfredo Goldman, Ulisses Hayashida, Fabio Kon

MyCoG.NET: Towards a multi-language CoG Toolkit
Arumugam Paventhan, Kenji Takeda

Managing Jobs with an Interpreted Language for Dynamic Adaptation
Noemi Rodriguez, Anolan Milanes, Bruno Schulze

Application Deployment using Catallactic Grid Middleware
Liviu Joita, Omer Rana, Oscar Ardaiz, Pablo Chacin, Isaac Chao, Felix Freitag, Leandra Navarro

SP2A: a Service-oriented Framework for P2P-based Grids
Michele Amoretti, Francesco Zanichelli, Gianni Conte

Accurate Autonomous Accounting in Peer-to-Peer Grids
Robson Santos, Alisson Andrade, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade

Peer-to-Peer Resource Discovery in Mobile Grids
Luciana Lima, Antônio T. A. Gomes, Artur Ziviani, Markus Endler, Luiz Fernando Soares, Bruno Schulze

On the Flexibility of WS-Agreement for Job Submission
Viktor Yarmolenko, Rizos Sakellariou

Hierarchical Self-Scheduling for MPI Applications Executing in Computational Grids
Cristina Boeres, Aline Nascimento, Vinod Rebello, Alexandre Sena

Hierarchical Submission in a Grid Environment
Patrícia Vargas, Inês Dutra, Vinícius Dalto do Nascimento, Lucas A. S. Santos, Luciano da Silva, Claudio Geyer, Bruno Schulze

Grid Middleware Portal Infrastructure
Asif Akram, Dharmesh Chohan, Robert Allan

SVGrid: A Secure Virtual Environment for Untrusted Grid Applications
Xin Zhao, Kevin Borders, Atul Prakash

Accepted Posters

A Path Clustering Heuristic for Scheduling Task Graphs onto a Grid
L. F. Bittencourt, E. R. M. Madeira, F. R. L. Cicerre, L. E. Buzato

Dynamic Resource Management on the Grid
Jyotishman Pathak

Middleware to Support Pervasive Grid Applications
Adenauer Yamin, Iara Augustin, Claudio F. Resin Geyer

CSBase: A Framework for Building Customized Grid Environments
M. J. de Lima, C. Ururahy, A. L. de Moura, T. Melcop, M. N. dos Santos, B. O. Silvestre, V. Q. dos Reis,
C. Cassino, R. Cerqueira

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