ACM/IFIP/USENIX 6th International Middleware Conference
(sponsorships pending)

Grenoble, France

November 28th - December 2nd, 2005


The Middleware conference is a forum for the discussion of important innovations and recent advances in the design and construction of middleware. Middleware is systems software that resides between the applications and the underlying operating systems, network protocol stacks, and hardware. Its primary role is to functionally bridge the gap between application programs and the lower-level hardware and software infrastructure in order to coordinate how application components are connected and how they interoperate.

Submissions on a diversity of topics are sought, particularly ones that identify new research directions. Middleware 2005 is not limited to topics discussed in previous Middleware conferences. Authors concerned about the appropriateness of a topic may communicate by electronic mail with the program chair prior to submission.

Following the success of past conferences in this series, the 6th International Middleware Conference will be the premier event for middleware research and technology in 2005. The scope of the conference is the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms and architectures for future computing and communication environments. Highlights of the conference will include a high quality technical program, tutorials, invited speakers, poster presentations, and workshops.

The proceedings of Middleware 2005 will be published as a Springer-Verlag volume in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series.


Topics include but are not restricted to:

Middleware platforms:

Middleware protocols, algorithms and architectures:

Design principles and tools:

Program committee

Christiana Amza (Toronto U., Canada) Roger Barga (Microsoft Labs, USA)
Alberto Bartoli (Trieste U., Italy) Gordon Blair (Lancaster University, UK)
Christof Bornhoevd (SAP Labs, USA) Roy Campbell (Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Fabio Casati (HP Labs, USA) Geoff Coulson (Lancaster Uni., UK)
Peter Druschel (Rice U., USA) Johann Eder (Uni. Klagenfuert, Austria)
Markus Endler (PUC-Rio, Brazil) Mike Franklin (UC Berkeley)
Dana Florescu (BEA,USA) Rachid Guerraoui (EPFL, Switzerland)
Thomas Gschwind (IBM, Switzerland) Monika Henzinger (EPFL, Switzerland)
Peter Honeyman (CITI, U. of Michigan, USA) Wei Hong (Intel Berkeley)
Valérie Issarny (INRIA, France) Arno Jacobsen (Toronto U, Canada)
Bettina Kemme (McGill U., Canada) Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA- Rennes, France)
Fabio Kon (IME/USP Brazil) Donald Kossmann (ETH, Zurich)
Frank Leymann (Stuttgart U., Germany) Cecilia Mascolo (UCL, UK)
Ken Moody (U. Cambridge, UK) Elie Najm (ENST, France)
Marta Patino (UPM, Spain) Evvagelia Pitoura (University of Ioannina, Greece)
Calton Pu (Georgia Tech, USA) Krithi Ramamritahn (IIT Bombay, India)
Peter Steenkiste (CMU, USA) Doug Schmidt (Vanderbilt University, US)
Rick Schlichting (ATT Research, USA) Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA-Grenoble, France)
Stefan Tai (IBM Watson, USA) Doug Terry (Microsoft Research)
Peter Trantafillou (Patras U., Greece) Yu-Chee Tseng (National Chiao Tung U., Taiwan)
Steve Vinoski (IONA, USA) Werner Vogels (Amazon, USA)

Organization committee

General chair

Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA, France)

Program chair

Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Local arrangements chairs

Sébastien Jean (UPMF, France)
Noel De Palma (INPG, France)
Daniel Hagimont (INPT, France)

Workshops chair

Geoff Coulson (U. Lancaster, UK)

Doctoral Symposium chairs

Jacques Mossière (INPG, France)
Edward Curry (NUI Galway, Ireland)

Publicity chair

Gilles Muller (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France)

Research Papers:  March 30th, 2005 extended to April 3rd, 2005
Workshop Proposals: March 15th, 2005
Tutorial Proposals:  April 30th, 2005
Notification of acceptance (papers): June 30th, 2005
Notification of acceptance (tutorials): June 30th, 2005
Notification of acceptance (workshops):      April 15th, 2005