Grenoble by night

Middleware 2005

ACM/IFIP/USENIX 6th International Middleware Conference

Europole Congress Center

Grenoble, France

November 28th - December 2nd, 2005

Following the success of the past conferences in this series in the
Lake District, UK (1998), in Palisades, NY (2000), in Heidelberg, Germany (2001), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2003), in Toronto, Canada (2004), the 6th International Middleware Conference in Grenoble, France in 2005 aimed at being the premier conference on middleware research and technology in 2005. The broad scope of the conference was the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed systems platforms and architectures for future computing environments.

The 7th edition
will take place at Melbourne, Australia.

Middleware 2005 conference has been held on late december 2005, and has gathered nearly 250 researchers along the week for workshops and plenary sessions.

The Middleware organizers thank all institutions that helped to make this 6th edition a great event to attend.

NTT DoCoMo BBN Technologies LNCS ObjectWeb
UPMF INPG Conseil Général de l'Isère Région Rhône-Alpes

Conference materials

  • Post-conference documents:

Program committee

Christiana Amza (Toronto U., Canada) Roger Barga (Microsoft Labs, USA)
Alberto Bartoli (Trieste U., Italy) Gordon Blair (Lancaster University, UK)
Christof Bornhoevd (SAP Labs, USA) Roy Campbell (Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Fabio Casati (HP Labs, USA) Geoff Coulson (Lancaster Uni., UK)
Peter Druschel (Rice U., USA) Johann Eder (Uni. Klagenfuert, Austria)
Markus Endler (PUC-Rio, Brazil) Mike Franklin (UC Berkeley)
Dana Florescu (BEA,USA) Rachid Guerraoui (EPFL, Switzerland)
Thomas Gschwind (IBM, Switzerland) Monika Henzinger (EPFL, Switzerland)
Peter Honeyman (CITI, U. of Michigan, USA) Wei Hong (Intel Berkeley)
Valérie Issarny (INRIA, France) Arno Jacobsen (Toronto U, Canada)
Bettina Kemme (McGill U., Canada) Anne-Marie Kermarrec (INRIA- Rennes, France)
Fabio Kon (IME/USP Brazil) Donald Kossmann (ETH, Zurich)
Frank Leymann (Stuttgart U., Germany) Cecilia Mascolo (UCL, UK)
Ken Moody (U. Cambridge, UK) Elie Najm (ENST, France)
Marta Patino (UPM, Spain) Evvagelia Pitoura (University of Ioannina, Greece)
Calton Pu (Georgia Tech, USA) Krithi Ramamritahn (IIT Bombay, India)
Peter Steenkiste (CMU, USA) Doug Schmidt (Vanderbilt University, US)
Rick Schlichting (ATT Research, USA) Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA-Grenoble, France)
Stefan Tai (IBM Watson, USA) Doug Terry (Microsoft Research)
Peter Trantafillou (Patras U., Greece) Yu-Chee Tseng (National Chiao Tung U., Taiwan)
Steve Vinoski (IONA, USA) Werner Vogels (Amazon, USA)

Organization committee

General chair

Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA, France)

Program chair

Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

Local arrangements chairs

Sébastien Jean (UPMF, France)
Noel De Palma (INPG, France)
Daniel Hagimont (INPT, France)

Workshops chair

Geoff Coulson (U. Lancaster, UK)

Doctoral Symposium chairs

Jacques Mossière (INPG, France)
Edward Curry (NUI Galway, Ireland)

Publicity chair

Gilles Muller (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France)

(c) Sébastien Jean

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